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Working from a coach, train, mentor program, Modelware Systems offers training courses in the following:

Power BI

You are required to produce a report

Before you begin, a few stats

Over 90% of all reports are made in Excel, the average report taking about 89 hours and an average team of 8 to
produce. 9 out of 10 spreadsheets contain errors and 92% of report generators feel that Excel is too time consuming.
This report = your life.

Your legacy spreadsheet is consolidated with 50+ interlocking ones, causing formula clashes - while departments are constantly sending you updates and tweaks.

 You try macros and linked spreadsheets, nothing works and you resort to cut and paste, manually consolidating a
mass of spreadsheets. You create checks and balances to avoid errors, this is taking too long and your deadline looms
and you haven’t even checked the numbers.

Your report is done, but….

 You know that the numbers are not entirely right, but you don’t know how to fix them. You are terrified to present the report to the Financial Director and are worried about the impact this inaccurate report will have on business and what people will think of your reporting skills. You remember JP Morgan and their $6 billion error made from a cut and paste mistake.

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Next time….


Escape the chaos of interlocking spreadsheets, formula clashes, cascading scenarios and unseen errors by
learning to power up you data from within Excel. Collect, organise and transform your data into rich, trustworthy
visuals on your own so that you can analyse data that you can trust, to assist you in doing what you do
best - making informed business decisions.

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​We also offer training programs in

​Data Management

​MTA Certification