Modelware Systems, has been in operation since 1996. We are all about managing your data, focussing on the following three areas.

Data Management
Through Customer Development interviews Modelware Systems listens to the Data Community. The interviews help us understand the challenges that are faced by businesses so that we can offer recommendations that are current and relevant.
Howard Diesel, who is DAMA certified gives a feedback presentation, accessing the wellness of your Data according to industry principles. This is a free service to the Data Community.

Modelware Systems through the train, coach mentorship model offers:
Basic Power BI Training

Data Management Courses
MTA Certification

Database Administration
Modelware has established a SQL Server DBA practice that provides DBA services to customers that are not able to pay the required attention to the internal workings of their Microsoft SQL Servers. This is common amongst development shops as focus tends to be around the delivery and development of business functionality.
MoDBA is a Data Management System that will be redefined to suit your businesses requirements, allowing you the peace of mind of knowing that your Data is protected
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