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Modelware Systems, in operation since 1996, are Data Strategists who specialise in managing data holistically. A fitting description would be data life coaches.

Using insightful customer development interviews, Modelware listens empathetically to clients present their perspective on the challenges they encounter during the management of data. Using these interviews, assessments are made according to industry standards and principles. Modelware Systems documents findings through heatmaps and infographics, before formulating and delivering appropriate data management solutions. Customer development is offered at no cost or obligation to the data community.

If the client then requests, we will guide and mentor them through the solution process.

Managing Data in Crisis through SQL Server Database Adminisatration (MoDBA) is where Modelware Systems shows great strength. When customers have not paid the required attention to their internal servers and weaknesses have crept in, uuallyProblems are are pinpointed and a recovery plan is devised, Modelware then assists in the implementation and monitoring of changes that will result in reliable data that can be used to make informed business decisions.

Hands-on, on-site training in data management, self service Power BI and MTA certification are offered. Trainers are data professionals and  course work is indepth and well documented. Industry appropriate, client specific data is used during training.

This holistic, data management program is headed up by Howard Diesel, Director of Modelware Systems who will guide, direct and mentor you through the rift between where you are now and where you need to be.

Modelware Systems are committed to delivering the latest data management technologies into Africa, opening channels for informed decision making on the continent.

Howard Diesel - Director