Customer Development

​Data Management and Customer Development
Infographicwebsite.gifCustomer Development interviews are a vital part of our data assessment process as they allow us to listen empathetically to the needs and challenges of our customers with regards to data management.

These interviews help us to understand the challenges that are faced by businesses so that we can offer recommendations that are current and relevant. We listen and document both the emotional and physical state of mind customers find themselves in, presenting our findings visually through heatmaps and Infographics.

Howard Diesel, who is DAMA certified compiles a feedback report, accessing the wellness of the customer's data, according to industry principles. He also plots the way forward for periods of time on Modelwares trainline framework.

Modelware is committed to understanding the data community and to document the findings. This service is a community one, of no cost to the customer.

Once recommendations have been made, the client may request that we mentor them to move from where they are to where they should be.

Customer Development feedback Infographic

Heatmap of emotive and physical words used

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